Syncios Data Transfer


Transfer data from your phone or tablet to your Mac or other devices


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Syncios Data Transfer is a super complete and useful program for transferring all the info you want from your smartphone to your computer.

You might often find yourself in a spot where you need to make backups of your mobile device to your computer. Syncios Data Transfer lets you do all this and much more. Exporting info from an Android is usually simple indeed, but things get a bit hairier – infernal, even – when you're dealing with an iOS system, whether because you need iTunes or because in many cases the computer you're working from may not have the credentials needed to recover photos, music, or even just your contact list. This program doesn't just smooth this process – it lets you carry out several additional functions like recovering info saved in your iCloud account or, if you've changed phones, moving everything from the old one to the new one, saving you a ton of time.

With its highly intuitive interface, Syncios Data Transfer could become your best option for making backup copies of your mobile devices thanks to its power and speedy performance. Undoubtedly an option to keep in mind.
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